Tuesday, November 6, 2007

We Need Your Help!

The newsletter takes a lot of effort to write and produce. With the income of ads and color production, we have a great product, have covered our costs and actually turn a slight profit on the newsletter. What we still need is input.

Writing reviews and stories takes time and effort. Mark, Steve, Joe and a few occasional others submit a lot of reviews but don’t let that stop you from wanting to be the next Jimmy Olson or Lois Lane of the Blues. Mark, Steve and Joe usually write all the reviews because no one else does.

We get a lot of CDs from the labels to review. It is our goal to review all the CDs and DVDs (and occasional books) that we receive. If you’d like to take a shot at being a part of the newsletter and writing reviews of the music we receive, let Mark know at kahunablues @aol.com and he’d be happy to set you on the road to fame and fortune. Well, fame, at least, since there is no pay (except getting to hear the latest hot blues music before most everyone else). And the fame is not so hot, either, but we do it to keep the flame of the blues alive!

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