Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Walter Trout Show a Huge Success!

One man’s vision came to fruition- Crossroad’s member Joe Geraghty is a huge Walter Trout fan and he personally went out and recruited one of his favorites to come and play in Rockford. He fronted the money and took the risk to bring Walter Trout to Big Cities Lounge and his vision became a sight for all to behold, and the sight had some super sounds to accompany it!

Trout came to Rockford on Tuesday, July 31st. He performed two exceptional sets and performed for about 100 people. The show was a big hit and shows what one bold man can do!
We also got to see 7 year old guitar wunderkind Tallan Noble Latz who was at the show and was invited up by Walter for a few numbers. He is an amazing young man and is the youngest blues axe man in the world! Keep up the good work, Tallan!

Thanks to Joe for his support and willingness to go out on a limb for all area blues fans. We all appreciate what you did! It was a great night for Rockford. Trout was a great guy to get here to both listen to and to meet.

We are pleased as a Blues Society to be able to do things like this. Our organization is filled with people who will take a risk to bring big named bands to the Rockford area. We are looking at a number of future shows. Keep an eye and ear out for the dates, times and locations!

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