Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Blues in the Schools Set for Tuesday, Sept. 25th

School is back in session and that means one thing for Crossroads Blues Society– it’s time once again for Blues in the Schools! Tuesday, September 25th is the date for the first fall Blues in the Schools (BITS) sessions to be held.

Hawkeye Herman returns for his 4th straight year supporting our Fall BITS efforts. Westside Andy will also be conducting sessions in the Rockford area along with guitar player Glenn Davis. Both sets of artists will be performing an AM and PM school session, and they will be teaming up for an evening show for the public, too.

The evening show is going to be held at the Just Goods Listening Room at 8:00 PM. Tickets are free for area students and are only $5 in advance and $8 at the door for adults. Cal 815-234-3118 or email kahunablues @aol.com for tickets and more information .

The school schedules are still in a state of flux at press time. Andy and Glenn will be in two Rockford Schools. Hawkeye will be in Dakota Elementary School at 2 PM with another school TBA for the AM session.

BITS is brought to our area schools due to our club’s fund raising efforts. The August benefit at Big Cities Lounge raised over $1,200 for BITS programming. We have also received a grant from the Rockford Area Arts Council each year that goes towards the costs of our BITS efforts.

Herman is a veteran BITS performer. His full time musical performances are now all BITS and festival related. He is perhaps the king of BITS, undoubtedly performing in more schools than any other blues artist each year. Andy and Glenn are doing their first BITS programs ever for us, and we are excited to expand the number of artists who can support and educate America’s youth. We are excited to have them and Hawkeye here in the Northern Illinois area!

We will be holding more BITS programs later in the Fall. Schedules and funding still are up in the air, but as of press time we have signed up Gina Sicilia and Dave Gross to perform for our BITS on Wednesday, November 14th. There will be more on this in our next newsletter along with a full review of Hawkeye, Andy and Glenn in the Schools!

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