Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mardi Gras Party and Meeting Rescheduled for March 31st!

It's almost April, aso it must be time for Mardi Gras, Westside Andy, Mel Ford and the rest of their band from Madison, WI! 8 PM on Saturday, March 31st at Big Cities Lounge. We will have a quick meeting to discuss the BITS results, BLLues Challenge questions and ti make up for the snowed out Mardi Gras Party! Come on out for blues, beads, beer, booze and bountiful fun!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Dave Gross Displays His Talent at Big Cities

March 8, 2007.

Dave Gross came into Big Cities, he saw Big Cities and he conquered Big Cities. Along with his outstanding singing girlfriend Gina Sicilia, Dave showed those in attendence why he was nominated for Blues Music award. Rockford was treated to hear and see these two young talents who surely will make a big splash in the music world!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Successful BITS Events

Six school programs are now done, with 2,150 students and several hundred teachers lives having been touched by the blues. We completed two days of Spring BITS set of programs today with Ann Rabson, and the Reverend Raven and Madison Slim completed their "rookie" days of BITS programs yesterday. All in all, the kids got exposed to the blues in a fabulous manner.

Ann began the day at WNTA AM 1330. Then she was off to school as were the Rev and Slim. They did 4 school programs on Tuesday. The evening show on Tuesday night had 50 blues lovers in attendance. The Rev and Slim opened, Ann did a second set and then the three of them went at it for almost an hour of a great blues jam. The 10 or less minutes of the artists "conspiring" together prior to the show resulted in about an hour of super music with Ann, the Rev and Slim trading the lead back and forth like the seasoned pros they are. It was a great night of blues and the Just Goods Store Music Room is an outstanding and intimate venue for music.

The Rockford Register Star came out to Conklin Elementary School and gave the program a glowing review. Music Teacher Paul Smith joined Ann Rabson on his sax and the kids just loved it. You can check out today's Wednesday paper or click here:

All schools visited were new to BITS. They were:
Conklin ES
West View ES
Summerdale ES
Dolan HS
Spectrum School
Carlson ES