Tuesday, November 6, 2007

BITS and More in the Works for Nov-Dec 2007

It’s coming to the end of 2007 already but we have a lot of blues yet to come! Here is what’s in store for Crossroads members and blues lovers!

On Wednesday November 14th we have Gina Sicilia with the Dave Gross Band for BITS. The day begins at 9:30 AM at Guilford HS. The afternoon session at 12:45 PM is at Spring Creek Elementary School. And evening show open to the public is at 7:30 PM at Big Cities Lounge. Tickets for the show are $5, and admission is free to Crossroads members and students HS age or younger. This will be a superb set of programs and music, so come on out!

Saturday November 17th the Rabble Rousers will be at Big Cities and we will also hold our regular meeting for all members that night at 8 PM. This Chicago band is hot-hot-hot and you need to go-go-go to the meeting and this show! Things to be discussed and planned at the meeting include:
· December BITS with Pistol Pete– what date and which schools?
· 2008 BITS Spring and Fall programs– who do we bring back and what new artists should we bring in?
· 2008 Grants and Fundraising– how will we find our upcoming programs?
· Crossroads Christmas Party. We’ve had a Christmas party the past two years and hopefully we can pull off another one. It will be at Big Cities but we need to chose a date and time in December for that.

Lots of stuff is upcoming, so come out, enjoy the music and lend a hand in planning to help keep the blues alive!

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