Thursday, October 13, 2011

Matthew Curry Nominated for Best Self Produced CD by Crossroads Blues Society

The Crossroads Officers and Board decided to endorse and submit the CD by Matthew Curry and the Fury "If I Don't Got You" for consideration as the best self produced CD of the year.  Our nomination will be submitted to the Blues Foundation for consideration of the CD for this award.  We are excited by Normal, Illinois' Matthew Curry and are proud to submit his CD as our nomination.  This teenage guitar player and vocalist has a superb style of playing and singing.   The CD features seven original cuts and two covers.  Curry does not over accentuate and fill every measure with notes; his timing and picking are measured and stylish.  He leaves enough air between the notes to let the music breath and be appreciated.  We wish Matthew and his band the best and hope they win for best self produced CD!

Track list:

1              If I Don't Got You                                            
2              New York Blues                                               
3              Storm's A Brewing                                          
4              Walk Out That Door                                       
5              Hear The Highway                                          
6              Blinded by the Darkness                                              
7              Dancing To The Blues                                    
8              High Water Everywhere                                               
9              Soulshine

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Byron Crossroads Blues Festival said...

There were 74 submissions and Matthew's CD was selected for the first cut of 30, so he's in the running! Congratulations!