Sunday, October 2, 2011

2011-2012 Officers and Board Elected and Meeting Minutes 9/30/11

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 PM by President Mark Thompson at the Adriatic Cafe and Bar.  All officers and board members were present with exception of David Stine.

Steve Jones gave a review of the minutes from the last meeting 8/19/11.  Harmonica Joe Poluyanskis moved to accept them, second by Bob Haendler.  Minutes approved unanimously.

Al McNary reported that $5231.83 was in the checking account after receipts from membership and the festival.  At the meeting, he was also given $222 in tee shirt profits, $170 in fest new and renewed members, $40 from Joe Filisko, and another $50 in membership and donations. $5713.83 are our total financial holdings.

Steve gave a detailed review of the festival.  We were very successful and no problems occurred.  The bar owners preferred 4 gates to 2 and having beer tickets sales at each beer booth which Mark and Steve agreed will be done.  Cleanup went very well and people were satisfied with the efforts.  There will be a volunteer recognition party on Sunday, October 9th at Tailgaters 3 to 6 PM with teh Basement Blues Band playing. The large PA is needed and is $80 to rent.  Steve will pay out of fest funds.

Discussion occurred that we should get our own PA.  The board agreed we should research this.

The new officers and executive board for Crossroads was elected at the annual meeting Friday night.

Mark Thompson remains as President as does Karl Dahlin as VP and Al McNary as Secretary.  Steve Jones stepped down as Secretary to run for the board and Bonnie Fox was elected as the new Secretary.

Top vote getters for the five board positions were Harmonica Joe Poluyanksis, Steve Jones, Rick Davis, Denny Barker and Bob Haendler.  Rich Gordon and  Terry Keller were on the ballot and also received votes in a closely contested set of races.

The new officers and board serve for a 12 month term.  Thanks for their service and to off going board members for their service and hard work!

Blues in the Schools (BITS) was discussed. Mark had a discussion with Paul Rischell and Annie Raines and the consensus was to do BITS on Tuesday, November 1st (AM and PM) and an evening show at Just Goods.  The normal fee was agreed to with one night's lodging.  Mark is to check if  Filisko and Noden are also available on the same or next day.

The meeting was closed at 8:45 PM.

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