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Minutes of Crossroads Blues Society Meeting December 18, 2009.

Crossroads Blues Society Board and Membership Meeting

Friday, December 18, 2009 at Big Cities Lounge in Rockford, IL

1. The meeting was called to order at 8:05 PM by President Mark Thompson. VP Karl Dahlin, Secretary Steve Jones, Treasurer Al McNary and Board Members Joe Poluyanksis and Rick Davis were in attendance. Absent were Board Members Rich Gordon, Rick Hein and David Stine.

2. Secretary Steve Jones posted the last meeting minutes of 10/9/09 online at: http://crossroadsbluessociety.blogspot.com/2009/10/minutes-of-crossroads-blues-society.html

3. Treasurer Al McNary reported $175 in the treasury with $100 to be added for Tee Shirt profits and $50 for Mandolin Madness Show profits. Of the total $325 available, $120 profit from the Thackery show is designated for future shows.

4. Mark Thompson explained that personal funds were used to back shows, not club money. Profits made from some shows were given to the club to hold and use for future show backing. He explained that all Crossroads funds were used for Blues in the Schools (BITS), Newsletter printing and postage and memberships in the Blues Foundation and Rockford Area Arts Council (RAAC). He stressed that all members of Crossroads should consider joining the Blues Foundation.

5. Mark noted the RAAC had met to discuss 2010 grant awards and we were hoping to continue to receive funding from the RAAC. He and Steve had prepared and submitted the grant proposal to the RAAC.

6. Crossroads did not win the Blues Foundation Keeping the Blues Alive Award for Best Organization but will try again next year.

7. Mark also described the BITS Program for the new members in attendance. New members were urged to attend programs and get involved.

8. A benefit concert needs to be held to fund Spring BITS. Bands will be scheduled to perform free of charge, profits from ticket sales, silent auction items and a 50-50 raffle will go to cover our BITS programs. We are targeting a show in late February or early March at the American Legion Hall in Byron, IL.

9. Our Fall BITS with Joe Filisko and Eric Noden was very successful. Two programs at RESA MS of 450 students each were held the first day and shows at Spring Creek ES and Montessori Magnet ES had 340 and 450 in attendance respectively for a total of 1,690 students at all 4 shows. The evening show at Big Cities had several Montessori school teachers and a few area students attending with their parents and was quite successful, too.

10. We discussed Spring BITS needed to be looked at for scheduling but we still have time. Other scheduled shows at Big Cities include Kim Wilson with Billy Flynn and Barrelhouse Chuck on February 11th, Brian Lee on January 19th and Hamiliton Loomis on January 25th.

11. Steve Jones reported a last check for $100 had been turned in for tee shirt profits, for a total of $365 donated to the Crossroads club for the two batches of shirts. A third order is going in soon with long and short sleeve tees, polos, and regular and zippered hooded sweatshirts.

12. The last item of business was the tentative Byron Crossroads Blues Festival on July 24th in Byron on Second and Union Streets. The 8 bar and restaurant owners approached Crossroads to advise and assist them in setting this up. The current plan is to close off a cruciform shaped part of Second and Union Streets where they cross, with three access points. Fencing will be provided by Dach Fence. Crossroads will coordinate security for the event. The 8 bars and restaurants will provide beverages and food for the event; no outside food and beverage vendors will be brought in. 4 bands are to be scheduled to perform 90 minute sets at 4, 6, 8 and 10 PM. A stage and sound system will need to be brought in. Steve Jones met initially with the bar and restaurant owners and then the Crossroads Officers and Board visited the potential site to scope out the area and plans. Next steps are to approach the Mayor and City Council in Byron and see what Police, insurance, portable restrooms and other requirements need to be arranged for. A meeting is set for January 5th in Byron to discuss this further. The officers, board and club members are excited about this and are ready to support this effort.

13. The meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM. The 6th Annual Crossroads Christmas Party and a performance by he Westside Andy/Mel Ford Band with Barrelhouse Chuck followed the meeting.

Submitted by Steve Jones, Secretary, Crossroads Blues Society

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