Sunday, October 18, 2009

Minutes of Crossroads Blues Society Meeting 10/9/09

1. Called to order at 8:05 PM by Steve Jones at Big Cities Lounge, Rockford, IL. Board/Officers present: Karl Dahlin, Steve Jones, Al McNary, Joe Poluyanskis, Rick Hein, David Stine. Board/Officers absent: Mark Thompson, Rich Gordon, Allison Johnson
2. Secretary reviewed minutes of 8/4/09 meeting.
3. Treasurer reported $1448 was in our checking account.
4. Blues Mandolin Madness was discussed. Rich DelGrosso, Billy Flynn and Gerry Hundt will perform at Big Cities on Sunday, December 6, 2009 at 7 PM. Tickets $10 in advance and $15 at door.
5. Keeping the Blues Alive Award nomination submitted. Awards given out at annual IBC Finals in Memphis in February.
6. BITS discussed for fall. Desire to use Eric Noden and Joe Filisko. 2 days, evening show and workshop as we did last time they were here.
7. Discussed BITS Fundraiser. Byron is a better location to raise funds. American Legion available most weekends, cost may be free to $100; if they do well at bar no coast. Need to pick date, get silent auction items. Have tickets for 50-50 raffle. Also need to get bands.
8. Nino discussed his calendar for November and December. They will be added to Newsletter.
9. Windy City Blues Society held second round of their Blues Challenge at Buddy Guy’s Legends. David Stine was a judge. He reported on the event. Mark Thompson will judge the finals on November 15.
10. Second annual Illinois Blues Blast Music Awards show at Buddy Guy’s Legends on Thursday October 29th at 7 PM. Tickets $25 in advance.
11. October-November 2009 newsletter will feature interview with Gerry Hundt. Need to get reviews done.
12. Election of Officers and Board for 2009-2010 term held. Allison Johnson indicated she did not desire to serve as a board member. Steve Jones nominated Rick Davis to fill her spot on the board, seconded by Rick Hein. Passed unanimously by voice vote. Al McNary moved that the slate of officers for 2009 be:
Mark Thompson- President
Karl Dahlin- Vice President
Steve Jones- Secretary
Al McNary – Tresurer
Joe Poluyanskis, Rick Hein, David Stine, Rich Gordon and Rick Davis- Board Members
Seconded by David Stine. Passed unanimously by voice vote.
13. Karl Dahlin volunteered to scan and send our Constitution to the Board so they can review it.
14. Club likes tee shirts. Desire expressed for polo shirts, hooded sweat shirts and long sleeve tee shirts. Steve Jones will investigate. $265 profit on tee shirts so far.
15. Got 10 new members to sign up at Paramount Blues Fest in Grafton, WI.
16. Meeting closed at 9:10 PM.

Submitted by Steve Jones, Secreatary

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