Friday, February 20, 2009

Kilborn Alley Show was a Killer!

Kilborn Alley at Big Cities Lounge on Thursday, February 19th. The crowd was small but fiery. The music was hotter than hell. Those who braved the cold stayed warmer than they would have with a hot night in the Reeperbahn! The show began promptly at 8:30 PM and the boys layed out two sets of the hottest blues along with some of the funkiest soul I've heard in 2009! All I can say is that if you missed this show you shuold be kicking yourselves in the ass for not coming out. This show was as hot as the one we did a few weeks before!
They are white and they are young musicians but they are fast learners with a lot of understanding of what the blues is all about. The music we were treated to belied their age. Whether burning up the place with their uptempo stuff or winding it down a notch with slow blues and soul, these guys deliver the goods. They have almost a decade of experience together, yet are still in their 20's. These guys are on the road to become something big in the blues world!

Lead singer and guitar player Andrew Duncanson is a great blues and soul singer. He's gritty, he's soulful, he's mean, he's everything you could want in a blues singer. And his guitar work is equally great. Josh Stimmel also plays lead guitar and provides some backup voals. His style is unique and strong, with chords and notes delivered with an abruptness and sound that makes your soul stir. Harp player Joe Asselin is also amazing. Amazing may be not strong enough. The harp wails and sings and tears at your heart and gut. He also sings harmonies and background vocals. Chris Breen on bass and backup vocals is stellar, too. Clean, crisp bass lines to carry the beat. And last but certainly not least is the old man of hte band Ed O"Hara. Old enough to be their father but younger in spirit than anyone else in the band, he anchors the group with his exceptional percussion work and harmonious vocals.

I snuck in a little video treat of one of the soul numbers. Enjoy!

Steve Jones

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