Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Kilborn Alley Blues Band to Perform at Big Cities Thursday, February 19, 2009

Well, this is quite the short notice but we have the opportunity to have The Kilborn Alley Blues Band come to town and who could pass that up? On Thursday evening, February 19, 2009 the band will be at Big Cities starting at 8:30 PM for some of their great music! Many of our members will remember them from last year when they opened the Mississippi Valley Blues Festival with a hot set of down and dirty blues!

Cover charge is only $5- a great deal! The music will be hot and you will not want to miss this show. Mark and Steve crossed paths last with the boys in the band at the Illinois Blues Music Awards at Buddy Guy's in Chicago and have been in touch with the band to get them to Rockford. Another cancellation was our good luck. Check them out on Myspace at: "The Kilborn Alley Blues Band was formed in 2000 when Andy Duncanson was still in high school, and Chris Breen and Josh Stimmel were barely out. Within a few months Joe Asselin, from Maine, signed on, and in 2005 Ed O'Hara
joined the band. The line-up is Duncanson vocals and guitar, Asselin harmonica, Breen electric bass, Stimmel guitar, and O'Hara drums.The Kilborn Alley Blues Band plays filthy Chicago blues, with just a little bit of southern fried soul. The point of the act is to deliver the blow out bar show associated with blues at its zenith. Kilborn Alley is not about youth angst; it is about adult delirium.If we wrote the history of this band here, you wouldn't believe us. Just put it this way; Kilborn has played over seven hundred shows, and knows how to smile in your face and then kick you in the ass-- musically. "

This is "in your face blues," the kind that after you hear it your hair ismessed up and your clothes are disheveled as if you've just been run over by a blues train! That's because after you see them you will have heard some of the hottest music played by these young and talented musicians!!!

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