Monday, September 15, 2008

September-October 2008 Newsletter

You will note that this is a rather hefty issue. We have so much music coming in that we have reviewed that the issue is just overflowing with good stuff. And adding to that we also got a great interview with Bruce Iglauer from Alligator Records that is featured on the first three pages.

With this newsletter being created and delivered a little late, we still have a lot of shows to announce. Berghoff and Blues in Monroe WI on September 19 and 20 has an ad and info inside. The even years at the Fairgrounds are Cheesefest Years in Monroe, but the lineup at Minhas Craft Brewery is a good one. Competing for your attention that weekend is the Third Annual Grafton Blues festival also in WI. A great lineup is offered there at the home of Paramount Records. See inside for their ad. Lastly, Beausoleil is playing at Beloit College that Friday night. Difficult choices, but you cannot go wrong at any of them!

We will be holding a meeting to elect officers and a board of directors. Please submit any nominations to Mark Thompson.

Planning is also underway for our fall BITS. We have some interesting directions that we can go with BITS and will discuss this at our next meeting. Some possibilities exist to bring back some old, favorite BITS artists or to possibly use more local artists.

Another planning item is a benefit show that we will be planning. We need to raise some funds for our Spring BITS programs and ideas for this are welcome.

The actual meeting time and date has not been scheduled due to some schedule conflicts, but it will be announced via our news group on email.

We had a great summer of blues, and the fall is shaping up to be just as much fun. We hope to see you all at shows and our meetings!

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