Sunday, February 18, 2007

BITS Schedule

BITS Itinerary

Tuesday, March 6th
08:00 AM Ann Rabson WNTA 1330 AM IntervieW
09:30 AM Ann at Conklin ES
10:00 AM Rev Raven at Spectrum School
01:00 PM Ann at Westview ES (TBD)
01:00 PM Rev Raven at Carlson ES
05:30 PM Dinner with Artists
07:30 PM BITS Evening Concert at Just Good Store
Wednesday, March 7th
09:30 AM Ann at Mary Morgan ES (TBD)
02:00 PM Ann at Durand HS/Dolan School
05:30 PM Dinner with Ann
Times for dinner are tentative as are the locations. I will update them when confirmed.

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